Terms and Conditions

By booking a professional cleaner from Cleaners Upon Kingston, using the company’s website or ordering a quotation via phone, email or our online booking form, you agree to bound by the Terms and Conditions presented on this page. If you are interested in our comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames, do go through every part of this agreement with great care and attention. It is in your best interest to fully familiarise yourself with these terms. The agreement you are about to read outlines and defines the rights, responsibilities and duties of Cleaners Upon Kingston as a service provider and those of every client of the company.

We have tried to present our Terms and Conditions in a clear and simple way that is unburdened by cryptic legal terminology or industry jargon. However, we are ready to discuss and explain all the terms in this agreement that you feel are incomplete, hard to understand or poorly specified. Get in touch with us by calling or emailing our team and you are guaranteed to quickly receive answers to your questions. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please, do not book us.