About Us

Cleaners upon Kingston is a registered company that has continued to develop, grow and learn since its first day in the industry. We do not view our customers as a mere source of income. For us, clients have always been our inspiration and motivation. We would give everything and do anything to make you, the customer, happy and satisfied with the quality of our organised carpet cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames.

Providing top-notch cleaning services since the very start

Our company is neither among the oldest such businesses in London nor does it rank among the largest ones. However, we have gone a long way and we have successfully built ourselves from the ground up. Even when our team consisted of only a few people, we made sure that the professional cleaning equipment they used was of the latest possible generation and that our competent staff was always on top of the new trends, cleaning methods and strategies in the sector. From the very start, we offer our clients:

  • Top service quality
  • A comprehensive range of cleaning services
  • Personalised quotes and solutions
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Competitive prices and transparency

Our customers are served by the best professionals

We have created a team of professionally trained, incredibly seasoned and rarely talented cleaning specialists. Just as the industry standards require, we have insured each and every one of them. But having specialised skills is only part of qualifications that we seek in our employees. The other part consists of qualities and abilities like adaptability, quick thinking, meticulousness, devotion and constant desire to be of help to others.

Cleaning methods that are ahead of their time

We enjoy being innovators in our industry. We are always one the first companies in London to adopt the newest and most advanced cleaning techniques. Still, we have a strict risk assessment policy and we never roll out a new cleaning service or method before we are 100% certain that it is not only effective but also health-friendly, affordable and risk-free. Currently, we execute a versatile selection of reliable cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames using top-class equipment and tools like:

  • Future-proof steam cleaners
  • State of the art vacuuming systems
  • Industry-approved hot water extractors
  • Non-obstructive yet powerful pressure washers

Therefore, even if we try, we will never fail to offer you all-round carpet cleaning in Kingston upon Thames.