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Rug Cleaning

We will steam clean all of your rugs using modern equipment that is suitable even for the treatment of delicate fabrics. We sanitise large rugs for only £26.

Jet Washing

Our innovative equipment can remove graffiti, mildew, mould and oil for the scandalously low starting price of £2 per square metre.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Features the cleaning of stone tile, vinyl, wood, ceramic and other categories of hard floor. We charge £2 per square metre and we come fully equipped.

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With a long list of clients, an extensive experience and a wide selection of services, it would be simply a mistake if you overlook our budget-friendly carpet cleaning. Our staff is fully insured, professionally trained and can come and help you on any day you choose.

Unrivalled carpet cleaning services in Kingston upon Thames

We, from Cleaners Upon Kingston, are a reliable and renowned business and, as our company name implies it, we have mastered the art of efficient cleaning. We rank among the best in the industry because we use highly effective methods and techniques that will restore the appearance of your carpeting quickly. We will make that happen even without having to use aggressive chemical products. We prefer to rely on more eco and health-friendly supplies and techniques. But have zero worries – our thorough cleaning of carpets offers high quality that is unmatched in the area.

A quick look at our many cost-effective cleaning services

Hire us and you will be able to enjoy a truly impressive spectrum of speedy and trusted cleaning services. Our pricing is competitive so even if you are on a tight budget, your satisfaction will still be a must for us. If you are looking for a specific cleaning solution, go through our current list of services:

  • Carpet Cleaning – one of our most sought-after services.
  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning – the fastest way to deep clean the armchairs, sofas and dining chairs in your home.
  • Mattress Cleaning – will restore the old condition of your mattress without causing any damage to its colour, fabrics, structure and etc.
  • Rug Cleaning – from cheap rag rugs to hand-made exotic rugs – there is no rug too small or too big for us.
  • Jet Wash Cleaning – by using high-pressure washers, we will efficiently clean driveways, patios, building facades of all kinds of properties.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – offers top quality and results which can never be matched by the good old mop and bucket.

Committed and qualified cleaners in Kingston upon Thames

Letting strangers into your home may not sound like a good idea even if their sole intention is to offer you time-efficient cleaning in Kingston. But we assure you that our team of dedicated cleaning technicians is worthy of your trust. For one, they have been thoroughly screened before they got to become part of our staff. We are very meticulous when it comes to our personnel and we make an effort to handpick the professionals who work for us. In addition, every cleaner we employ is skilled, insured and certified. Our team will quickly charm you with its natural ability to be courteous, friendly and honest with the customer. Plus, our competent and helpful cleaning experts are remarkably discreet, thoughtful and considerate and they know how to work a vacuum cleaner like no one else. And that is just one of the many up-to-date cleaning machines which they have been trained to use.

Consistent Results

Using professional cleaning services will help you enjoy top-notch quality every single time. Regular cleaning solutions like the ones we are licensed to provide to our customers will allow you to maintain your home clean to perfection on any day of the week. It will finally give you the freedom let down your hair and greet unannounced guests not with discomfort but with hands and doors wide open. You will never again have to invest your personal time into tiresome and boring activities like sweeping or dusting. We will happily take that wheel from you and gift you with an extra peace of mind, more free time and a sparkling clean house. You are a phone call or an email away from all of that.

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